Question 1 – Is there a fee involved?
  • There is NEVER a fee involved to register with Accu-Staff and we do not deduct any monies from your pay cheque. We charge a fee to the company whom we do business with.
Question 2 – When and how do I get paid?
  • As long as your time cards are submitted by 12:00pm on Monday, you will be paid on Friday of the same week. We pay by cheque and for your convenience we offer direct deposit (which is strongly recommended)
Question 3 – How do I submit my time card?
  • Every placement is different. Some placements you are responsible for submitting your own time card (with an authorized signature) before 12pm the following Monday.
  • Other placements, the client will fax the time cards on your behalf.
  • This will be discussed with you upon placement.
Question 4 – How do I get my cheque or paystubs?
  • You can pick up your cheque or paystubs on Thursday or Friday’s before 4:30
  • Certain clients are on payroll delivery
  • Paystubs can be mailed monthly or emailed weekly
  • We do not mail cheques!
Question 5 – How can I submit a resume?
  • You can email your resume to
  • You can fax your resume to 519-974-6167
  • Or you can drop off your resume anytime Monday-Friday from 8:00am – 4:30pm